A ~ Treatise on Physics
part four

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In the book/pamphlet "Spiritual Science, Electricity and Michael Faraday" by Ernst Lehrs [ https://www.amazon.com/Spiritual-Science-Electricity-Michael-Faraday/dp/0854402969 ] Lehrs quotes Steiner this way:

"Man's being, quite concretely, is determined not only by what his organisation presents to him as immediate percept, but also by the fact that from his immediate perception other things are excluded.  Just as it is necessary for life that, in addition to the conscious waking state, there should be an unconscious sleeping state, so, for man's experience of himself it is necessary that, in addition to the sphere of his sense percept, there should be another sphere - in fact, a far larger one - of elements not perceptible to the senses but belonging in the same field from which the sense percepts come" [ L-2, 21st Mar 1911 ]

Lehrs later quotes Goethe's Faust: "... And all the life in floating semblance holds.  Stablish it fast, with thought that shall endure."

Goethe, according to Lehrs, planed to study electricity in the same way he studied the plant, but this did not happen ... until

Faraday, who as a deeply devoted personality, somehow found the very highest thoughts by which to describe electrical phenomena.  } me: - a kind of sun shinning in the world of British empiricism ...

Faraday's basic insight was to distinguish "ponderable" substances, from "imponderable" substances ..................................

Faraday did not like the thoughts with which Maxwell created his equations based upon Faraday's observations:

"I perceive that I do not use the word 'force' as you define it, 'the tendency of a body to pass from one place to another'.  What I mean by the word is the source or sources of all possible actions of the particles or materials of the universe."

Lerhrs declares that Rudolf Steiner called Faraday 'one of the greatest minds of all times' ...

there is more - get a copy of the book and meditate upon its music, ... for me the thoughts swam upstream&down .... in whorls & falls over rocks, and among poems ...

Lehrs in Man or Matter describes 'electricity as the force of the cohesion of substances' ... Again: even Steiner was forced to use abstractions, only a few was/were yet ready to find a way to meet/converse with elemental beings, and listen to their conversations about all the real goings-on regarding our conceptions of "abstract forces" ...

electricity = thought that shall endure &&&, there being only one prime thinker, where else to lay the will ... the will of which we ourselves are not yet conscious ... not ready for the adventure ... or are we?

The tribes of the various elemental citizens, of our shared universe, had to be enlisted/captured/helped to willingly become those of the imponderable substances that consented to be ruled by magic forms, distributed to human beings - collectively - as the symbol language to name and describe these "Imponderable"

 unconscious magic was used, to enchant us into thinking, via abstractions, Beings > into  forces > into things (no ~!~ spirit there, no consciousness or will .... we won a mystery even Cern cannot solve - What the F is Stuff?

We are urged by Steiner to find the right concept for what Electricity is.
- a contribution to such a search -

the creation of language eventually lead to the creation of symbols for sounds/images/ideas,
depending upon the spiritual sophistication of the scribe ...

Mayan scribes individualized their language,
while maintaining its universal qualities

chemistry .... required some help, for in order for things to work in the world of abstractions (not Beings, but Things),
 please note the illustrative imagery for the Earth-most Fairies  - the Gnomes

solid, formed, exact, followers of rules of "Stablish it fast, with thought that shall endure."


electricity - in between and among, Will holding fast all processes that need special care . . . .
gnomes dancing with undines, how else to describe that which appears to rush-about in currents/streaming ...
electricity as fast as thought .... seeking
everywhere its own level


here the appearance/boundary is between water and air, or undines and sylphs.
the airy-fairies deliver thoughts real to give not just cohesion and order, but also powers divine
willing to serve human beings, and we hardly are thankful
if you please


then ... and only then, the sylphs draw from  the well of magic,
for to Name a Being, is to have at least the possibility of drawing it in to conversation

the rigid form of chemistry, marries the wild will, with the aides
most ancient, for every et. al. gnome has a name
just not much ego, but still appreciates being listened to
and All Burns with the Fire&Light of Spirit-Willed Enduring thoughts thinked into Being

After which we might, for obvious reasons, take a look at Number,
given the role of mathematics in science, ... mathematics
being the most abstract symbology of all

Every decent library must own this book:

Taylor begins by pointing out the tragedy of the loss to educational processes
of the teachings of this Work, concerning the phenomenal properties of
the natural number system.  Folks not familiar have no clue.

Taylor asserts, and I find this true, that the natural number system (all geometry
and mathematical ideas) are born/borne in the minds of men.  This being so,
this reveals that the soul itself possesses all the perfection that number
points toward.  These properties are characteristics of our true
nature and children should be taught this as we introduce
them to something so seemingly simple as

while our schools did not know the loss,
we ourselves can choose/will benefit from the self-study of trivium: grammar/logic/rhetoric
which finds manifestation in the quadrivium: geometry/arithmetic/astronomy/music

quantum theory requires the presence of consciousness in order for potential to collapse into existence
what better fellows&ladies&othernesses, then the little people to help out while we
weak, and childish, human beings figure out - scientifically - how
to perceive and work with actual invisible ~!~!~!~
spirit dancing to the making/music of
the imponderables
the spheres ...

Cern as a Temple to the Imagination?
Well, its that, or actually blowing up everything possible ...

learning to ask questions of The Stuff, might be less, hmmm ... difficult
those we-are-stuff-folk just need to be courted ... & honored


                                                                                                                                                   will we hide out in swamps ... or caves


                                      where will we find such workers, magicians&such, out in the open, being scientific about it all?
                                                                                                                     in caves on mountain tops, ....

                                                                      maybe a farmer in Vermont, passed on now, but still she left behind a wonder