The American Spirit

NEW: Greenville Millennium Gazette: an on-line newsheet concerning the deeper aspects of American political life.  Includes an announcement of the editor/publisher's intention to run for President of the United States, in the year 2000 presidential primary in New Hamshire.

Song of the Grandfathers: real wealth (wisdom), and the redemption of social and political existence(civilization): What might we discover about the American Spirit if we looked into our own soul depths with the same passion that America's Native Peoples had for understanding themselves and their communties, and the social dynamics involved therein.

A Forgotten Resource, The American Spirit- a story in three parts. part one: The American Will: to Sacrifice for the Ideal; part two: Economic Tyranny and the American Spirit; part three: The Word, The Idea of Property, and the Creation of a True American Culture. Most politicians and voters have forgotten what really makes this Nation and its People accomplish what we do. Not only that, but the strong tendency is to see America only in terms of its economic powers, and its military might, which, in fact, is not the essential America. Further, America is very much still in the process of becoming - we are not yet what or who we have the potential to be. These matters are explored in this essay.

Pragmatic Populist Politics or, It's Not Easy Being Green: I've recently spent some time with Green political folks, and its prettly clear that, while they have a holistic agenda, they don't yet realize that the practice of politics itself needs to be holistic as well. Here is a brief introduction to those ideas.

the Shadow Warrior Society: direct political action by the most marginalized in our society (the homeless) will only come about, and be effective, if, at its root, this action grounds itself in a fundamental cultural change of meaning. The SWS essay is an imagination of these possiblities and psycho-cultural realites (see Strange Fire: the Death, and the Resurrection, of Modern Civilization, for the fundamental reasons for this).

Letters to the Alliance for Democracy: I have been slowly coming more deeply acquainted with the Alliance for Democracy, a new political impulse which arose in America following the publication in the magazine, The Nation, of an article by Ronnie Dugger: A Call to Citizens: Real Populists Please Stand Up!. As part of being associated with this work, I have become a member of various on-line chapters of the AfD. As a support of this impulse, and its quite needed work in America, I have begun writing long letters to be posted on-line with the various on-line chapters and list serves. These letters, as they are written, will also be placed on this part of my cyber-home.

Beyond Columbine: appreciating the archetypal meaning of the Columbine Tragedy:  an essay concerning some of the deeper significance of the tragedy in Littleton Colorado, where two young men killed themselves and several other members of their highschool.

The Plan - a Christmas Gift: an essay on the possibilities now latent in American politics and their significance for the whole world.

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