As of May, 2003, I have decided to no longer run for this office.  I am maintaining the website for several reasons, not the least of which is that the effort expended in developing the ideas was clearly worthy, and the work produced should therefore be preserved.  My further reasons for no longer seeking elective office can be found in this essay - Saving America from Ourselves.

from the 2004 Presidential Campaign of Joel A. Wendt: there are all manner of poliical websites on the Internet.  I provide these just as a service in case the reader is new to this process and could use a leg up in beginning to explore.


links to on-line political news resources

AgBiz Tiller - monitoring the activities of corporate agribusiness:

Albion Monitor:

Los Angles Free Press:

Major international progressive news and links:

New York Times:

PBS Online:

Progressive Populist:

San Francisco Bay Guardian:

Spunk Press:

Washington (state) Free Press:

World Wide Free Press:

links to political views links pages

anarchist and libertarian links page:

Alliance for America links to government sites:

Alliance labor and corporate links:

Alliance media links:

Alliance political links:

centralized campaign finance reform site:

electronic magazines (political) links list:

environmental and green links:

Green Party resources:

laws of the United States and the Territories:

links for those with a conscience and consciousness:

more environmental links:

on-line newspaper links (over 1,000):

paranoia links - oswald, new world order and more:

progressive free radio links site:

[rings] and more [rings]:

social justice links page:

vox pop links (mega site):

links to progressive political sites

Alternative currency site, with resources:

Boston MAI site:

California Organic Farmer's site:

Committee for Sustainable Agriculture:

Common Cause:

Common dreams:

Davos watch site:

Michael Moore's Home Page:

national coalition for the homeless:

the Progressive Challange:

Sam Smith's Washington Progressive site:

Schumacher Society:

Sierra Club:

Sustainability and development site: [ring]

Vote Smart - politician tracking site:

Women and Money: [ring]

links to community building sites

Building Community in the American Tradition:

Interesting community building essay:

On-line Community Resource page:

Super Cable Public Access site:

Community Trust Institute:

links to progressive political listserv and other resource sites

discussion group for poltics and new world order issues - the Cyberjournal:

Find your personal news - site:

Rachael's Environmental and Health Weekly:

links to the political margins

anarchist archives:

central links page to Militia webpages:


hemp links:

internet privacy coalition (with massive links):

noam chomsky archives:

unibomber info site:

institutional links

Kennedy School of Government:

Univ. of Calif. history resource site:

Republican and Conservative Links

                   RNCC Republican National Congressional Committee

                    RNSC Republican National Senatorial Committee

National Young Republicans

Max Tax (Newt Gingrich site)

Drudge Report

Heritage Foundation

Jewish World Review (carries all the conservative columnists)

Republican National Committee - The Best of Al Gore Hits

Roll Call

Town Hall Conservative Columnists

NRA National Rifle Association:

personal in nature (something done basically by individuals, rather than organized groups) Called POWER DEMOCRACY - The Only New Idea In Politics! - "The Power Of Voice" This site seems very much like mine in some degrees, but is also quite different in others.

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