As of May, 2003, I have decided to no longer run for this office.  I am maintaining the website for several reasons, not the least of which is that the effort expended in developing the ideas was clearly worthy, and the work produced should therefore be preserved.  My further reasons for no longer seeking elective office can be found in this essay - Saving America from Ourselves.

from the 2004 Presidential Campaign of Joel A. Wendt: It is the purpose of these writings to offer to the public certain ideas which have matured over thirty years of work and study.  They are offered for themselves, that is for the citizen governance movement (see paper #1), and also as a necessary part of my offer of service, through seeking the Presidency.  For those who wish to know more about my life and my thought, they should go to my website: Shapes in the Fire .


The Plan - an essay written prior to deciding to campaign

The Working Papers:

#1 Citizen Governance- the future of the Republic form of government -

#12 Re-imagining the Conduct of the Presidency - a Presidential Campaign as an Act of Statecraft and the Presidency as the Art and Craft of Statesmanship [I put working paper #12 here, although it was written last, as it is probably second in importance to the basic idea of Citizen Governance]

#2  Election Processes in the Future - how citizen governance in practice eliminates the need
for conventional media and the corresponding demand for excessive amounts of campaign contributions -

#3  The Fundamentalist Impulse   - the effect upon the future of those who want to reanimate an imagined past -

#4  The Problem of Terrorism - in the light of a reconsideration of the nature of foreign policy -

#5  Domestic and International Social Triage  - ordering priorities from a citizen governance point of view -

#6 America's Growing Moral Debt  - facing our own past in order to know what needs to be done for the future -

#7 The World in Balance- and the mystery at the heart of it all -

#8 The Administration of George W. Bush, the Rule of Citizen Governance and the United States Constitution

#9 Time for the Second American Revolution? - just see if you don't think so too

#10 National Sovereignty and the Future of the Corporation

#11 The Ill-logic of the Proposed War in Iraq.  [not so relevant anymore, given that we went to war anyway]

The 1998 announcement - an announcement to run for president written several years before the current campaign.

some biographical material on the candidate

Additional materials, links, papers and other curiosities

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warning: I am not a very good writer, nor much of an artist with words, but at the same time, I am always fiddling with what I write, changing this, adjusting that, somewhat like a painter touching up this color or that degree of shade.  That being the case readers may find that over time these materials will change occassionally, and that some are not even finished yet.