Concerning the Essay: Waking the Sleeping Giant: the Mission of Anthroposophy in America

That essay (from 1995) can’t be separated from the being of its author.  Above I suggested that I am one of two needed guides for the further incarnation of Anthroposophy, - in my case particularly in America.  Such an assertion requires explication and justification.

Around 1970 (about 42 years ago) I was born into a body prepared for me by another - this preparer individual was 30 or so, and had no idea (in his day-consciousness) on going to sleep that night that such a exchange of egos (spirits) would happen.  When I came in I had already so identified with the original inhabitant, of the relevant physical, astral and ethereal bodies for which I now am responsible, that I had no idea there was any difference between myself and the prior individual.  I only knew on the next morning on awakening that my “prior personality” (in the sense of a self-picture) was dissolving (leading to greater creative inner freedom), and that my interior life was light-filled in a way that had not been true the day before.  Details can be found in my book, Biographical Necessity, which is also available in free ebook form at my bookstore.

It was seven years before I meet Rudolf Steiner through his books, at which time I was to discover a more or less adequate spiritual explanation for the radical change in my “self” that had been so painfully obvious (to me and certain members of my family) for many years.  Having already asked myself this question in the first half-year of my (walk-in style) incarnation: what is the relationship between my experience and my thoughts, and how does that arise in the light of my conscience, my own thinking about thinking was then well prepared to enter immediately into Steiner’s works on the problem of knowledge (GA 2, GA 3, and GA 4). 

My meeting with Steiner was also directly preceded in time by my asking (actually written in a diary) this question, a few weeks before that meeting took place: given that my personal experience reveals that the world is actually spiritual in its fundamental nature, what is the meaning of this fact for our mutual understanding of the social and political life of humanity?  This somewhat complicated riddle was a gift to me from the preparer personality - again see Biographical Necessity.

My integration with the Anthroposophical Society was problematic from the very beginning.  I did not understand what I was experiencing, in California - i.e. San Francisco, Berkeley and Fair Oaks, when I attended Society sponsored events.  Many of my essays trying to work out that problem are in my books Dangerous Anthroposophy, American Anthroposophy, and Manure for the Garden of Anthroposophy (again all available for free on my website or in ebook form at my bookstore.

My main anthroposophical work (besides ongoing work on the problem of knowledge) was to try to develop a Goetheanistic Social Science, because it was clear from reading Steiner that the answer to the riddle above was to be found on that path.  This took about 28 years (from 1982 until 2010).  My initial offerings to the Society, marking out stations on the path I was following, were rejected or just ignored, beginning with Threshold Problems in Thinking the Threefold Social Order (submitted to the Threefold Review around 1991) and then Waking the Sleeping Giant, submitted to the Newsletter in 1995.  Neither were published.

As to Waking the Sleeping Giant, I was in that long essay reporting the results of about 14 years of research seeking to develop a Goetheanistic Social Science.  I divided the essay into five parts, so that the Newsletter would only have to publish it in pieces.  The first part discussed Christ’s statement about rendering unto Caesar and unto God what is theirs.  From that principle it is possible to see the relationship between the Life of Rights (Caesar) and our individual moral activity, which relationship has powerful causal influences on humanity’s social-political existence. In the second part I discuss the threefold social order, not in its idealistic sense, but rather by describing how it has emerged into its present day form over time - eventually giving birth to an inner threefolding in the Life of Rights, of State, Media and People.  In the third part I discussed how it is that civilization in general, under the influence of the evolution of consciousness is undergoing a metamorphosis - a dying and becoming.  In the fourth part I bring in details on the Mystery nature of America, principally as regards the yet unknown relationship of the aboriginal peoples here to our modern life of soul.  In the final and fifth part I bring all these pictures together, to lay out and establish specific kinds of actions the Anthroposophical Society can take in order to help America become what is latent within its soul forces to become.

As noted above it was not published and in a certain sense nothing has yet come of that effort.

Eventually I was able to work out that it was the Ahrimanic hierarchies, working through the doubles of the members, that sought to disable Anthroposophy in America, by encouraging the specific rejection of my work, and as well making all research on the Spiritual America  be strenuously opposed.  Again, this is mostly about karma and our own development.  Details of when and how are in my books above, as well as near the end of this essay.  All of this was connected to the need for these ahrimanic hierarchies to be able to hide from the Anthroposophical Society the fact of Ahriman’s Incarnation, which in the form of a mockery took place on Christmas Day 1950, having been preceded by his Star, which first appeared over the Trinity Site, New Mexico, near Alamogordo, and then brought fully into the Sphere of the Earth in the horrors in Japan at Nagasaki and Hiroshima [this is from the original spiritual research of Elizabeth Mackenzie].  We are presently living in a Nation and World strongly Influenced by this Incarnation, which has centered its activity in the Life of Rights in America.  Because of these facts, what we do at this Conference is not to be taken lightly.