Radical Anthroposophy - aka: take no prisoners

The reader of this should ask themselves whether or not they are satisfied with their “anthroposophical” experiences.  Does being member of the Society help them deal with the obvious tragedies of the Age - the strange social chaos of the ancient benchmark of 2012?  Do you understand the world?  Does it make sense there is so much trouble, so many wars, public malfeasance, corporate corruption, so many poor, so many unemployed, so many starving, so many in prison?

The world burns, but do your experiences within the Society explain this to you?  Who seems to rule the world?  Ahriman? Christ?  Why are there so few members in the Society?  How can the economy of the world actually be fixed?  If we in the Society are so wise and so much more “spiritual” than everyone else, how come the world isn’t banging on our door demanding to be made whole?

Does it not seem odd to you that we mostly study exclusively the works of a single human being, Rudolf Steiner?  Does that make sense?  What about the Spiritual World?  Did it just go silent after Steiner was pushed into a lingering death?

And, what the heck are a bunch of Europeans once more coming to America to lecture us?  Have you ever heard of spiritual imperialism?  Have we nothing better to do than sit at their feet and act as if the so-called leaders of the Society - the members of the Executive and the Councils in America - know what they are doing?  What are they doing?

Do these leading personalities actually know what Steiner tried to teach us?  Do they hold these positions of trust because they are more spiritual, or are they just better at the academic-like politics of the Society.

What did Steiner try to teach us?  Was it to mostly read a bunch of his lectures so we can endlessly quote him all over the place?  If what we do is science (i.e. spiritual science), then why are there no furious arguments in our journals, like in regular scientific publications?  Is it scientific to quote Steiner as an authority on everything?

What is America about?  This is supposed to be a conference about meeting our destinies in America, right?  So who here is spiritually qualified to speak about the American Spirit and the American Soul?  What books and articles have those who lead us and lecture us written about America?

And, why is Steiner’s work on thinking not taught or discussed?  If we read the material about how we should prepare for this conference, where is there any discussion about thinking and thought and knowledge and Goethean Science?  Do you know that Steiner’s personal path was not the Knowledge of Higher World’s Path, but The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity Path?

Traditional spiritual Ways all over the world teach meditation, but if that’s all we teach as well, how can that be special or modern?  If we can’t figure out who rules the world, Christ or Ahriman, how do we know who then rules our Society - the opponents or us?

We’re going to do Eurythmy and speech and follow the Foundation Stone Meditation, but isn’t this America?  Where is rock ‘n roll, and jazz, and hip-hop, and salsa, and television and movies and meanwhile we are in another election year - the 2012 election year in the first century of the Third Millennium - why don’t we know anything about politics and statecraft and media relations?  Do we love our teacher, Rudolf Steiner?  That’s the question he asked the first Waldorf Teachers - do your students love you?  What do we love in the Society?  What do we honor, who do we trust, where are we going, and why are we going there?

Do you know who I am - who Joel Wendt is?  Have your read any of my books or heard them quoted: American Anthroposophy; Dangerous Anthroposophy; Manure for the Garden of Anthroposophy; the Way of the Fool; The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything; Living Thinking in Action; Seven Dates or Erotica Transcending and the New Feminine Mysteries; The Mystery of Evil in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount; Economic and Social Rebellion; Uncommon Sense: the Degeneration, and the Redemption, of Political Life in America; The America Quartet; New Wine; The Natural Christian; The Misconception of Cosmic Space as appears in the Ideas of Modern Astronomy; Biographical Necessity; On the Nature of Public Life - the soul of a people, the spirit of a nation and the sacrifices of its leaders; Hermit’s Weblog;  American Phoenix; Silent Passage; or Counter-Moves: finding victory in the war the rich are making upon the poor? [Go to my bookstore for free ebook downloads: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/joelwendt]

Did you know I wasn’t born in this body, but incarnated in it during a change of egos when it was around 30 years old, only to wake up in the world of thinking, but unable to find my way because the culture in which my body-brother had found himself had no idea what thinking really was?  Do you know it was Rudolf Steiner that taught me the New Mystery of Thinking and the New Mystery of Community (the New Feminine Mysteries - aka the Reverse Cultus)?

Have you heard of Elizabeth Ancrum MacKenzie?  Have you read her: Shepherds’ Fire; Aesthetics of Economics; and other works?  Go here for illumination: Christian Esotericism at Tibby Fowler's Bothy

Do our so-called leaders quote and encourage the study of the works of: Owen Barfield; Ernst Lehrs; George Adams Kaufman; Olive Whicher; Wolfgang Schad; Don Cruse; Ron Brady; Steve Talbot; or Schwenk; Grohmann; Hauschka; Kolcek; Chester; Bott; MacCoun; Clarke; Tomberg; Kuhlewind; Ben-Aharon; Abrami; Bornfield; Burman; et. al.?

Did you know that Ahriman incarnated in America on December 25th, 1950, birth name Karl Christian Rove?  That his birth was mockery of the Christ Events, even with its own guiding Star - three atomic explosions in 1945?  Did you know that his contribution to 2012 and the beginning of the Third Millennium was to so finalize the materialization of the conceptions in physics that we just discovered a so-called god-particle at his instigation and inspiration?

Do you know about the threefold double-complex, or my extensive and practical research on this question of these our most intimate spiritual companions?  Do you know any of this stuff?  If you don’t, then ask yourself why not?

Do you know its not anyone’s fault and at the same time the fault of everyone who ever heard of Steiner?  Do you know the role the Society can yet play in the future developments of the Third Millennium?  Do you know Steiner didn’t expect the Society to succeed until after about 400 years of effort and troubles?  Did you know the Christmas Conference failed?   Did you know a lot of our so-called leading lights don’t actually accurately represent Steiner, in spite of endless quotes and big long books?  Do you know who Irina Gordienko was, or about her book: Sergei O. Prokofieff: Myth and Reality?

Did you think it might be possible that Elizabeth and I have been prepared by the Spiritual World to guide you to thinking your own way to the answers to all of these questions?  Did you know the world is perfect and at the same time imperfect in one of the most mysterious and complex paradoxes ever placed before the human being?  Do you know that everything is fine and nothing is fine, and the very best act any of us can do to move the world along is to learn to laugh at ourselves, and investigate and discover the powers of a cultivated soul mood of whimsy.  Do you know Steiner didn’t know everything and was not himself perfect?  Oh, and that at every opportunity we should dance and sing and laugh.  That’s why in America our social traditions are cocktail parties and backyard barbecues, live bands in bars and dancing.  Are we having fun yet?  [Research background to all these questions can be found at http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/conf2012research.html]