Joel A. Wendt
6 Monticello Drive Paxton, MA   01612
{916} 671-5727
familiar with Zoom, have GMail Chat, on Facebook ... etc.

services: conversation* only ...
visitors to the actual (non-figurative) cave,                                                      the begging bowl see the Lady of the House
near the top of the mountain:                                                                                                          there should be an exchange, of sorts ...
should call ahead.
I'm 77, my lady is a dozen years younger,                                                                                        gifts grow in the giving,
and we like our privacy ....                                                                                                              from freedom flows flowers of thought,
                                                                                                                                                        while a well cultivated soul-soil summons spirit,
*conversation always has medicinal properties,                                                         &&&
and ceremonial attitudes are useful, but not required.                                   surprises dance wonders ...
laughing good, not so much dancing given failing knees... ~!~!~!~!~!~!~

tea&company, and the house always has too much food,
and with a bar in the great room, ...
overnights only available to ... the Lady Rules in Beauty,
and joey/Joel follows wisely ...                                           

sample classified ad: buy one for me, yes?

Joel A. Wendt
usual services