Joel A. Wendt
6 Monticello Drive Paxton, MA   01612
{916} 671-5727
familiar with Zoom, have GMail Chat, on Facebook ... etc.
coming soon Podcast

services: conversation* only ...
visitors to the actual (non-figurative) cave,                                                      the begging bowl see the Lady of the House
near the top of the mountain:                                                                                                          there should be an exchange, of sorts ...
should call ahead.
I'm 77, my lady is a dozen years younger,                                                                                        gifts grow in the giving,
and we like our privacy ....                                                                                                              from freedom flows flowers of thought,
                                                                                                                                                        while a well cultivated soul-soil summons spirit,
*conversation always has medicinal properties,                                                         &&&
and ceremonial attitudes are useful, but not required.                                   surprises dance wonders ...
laughing good, not so much dancing given failing knees... ~!~!~!~!~!~!~

tea&company, and the house always has too much food,
and with a bar in the great room, ...  Visitors too rude to call ahead and make an appointment will be shot ... I kid you knot ... there will be Fire, ... that's to be sure ,,, ... PLUS ... my works are a kind of "school", and I am a kind of "teacher" (although "coach" is more accurate) ... we can discuss Practice & the Nature of the Game, which includes study, so if you are not reading at least four books - don't have to read them, just have to be seeking to own them and read them, otherwise we have no shared vocabulary on which to base intelligent and real conversation ....

"It matters to me, for Matter to be, and that I, to Matter, do matter".  At the same time, there is another hunger, a hunger to understand why we exist, as well as to know: what is the "What Is" for?   Every day's events are birthday presents, from Anthroposophia ... all learning, falling, getting up and learning some more happens not just one day at a time, but one moment at a time: Seize the Moment.

the Gospel of Matter         the Gospel of Seeing     the Gospel of the Soul
& & & =
                   The Mirror of Nature&Life,                                       both dark&light &grey &strange
                                                                                                                                         & magical/mystical @paganism for millennials   

sample classified ad: buy one for me, yes?

Joel A. Wendt
usual services***>

***> usual services, ... my main models for how to teach/coach are three Americans ... I study their "arts" as it were.  Bill Belichek, John Wooden, and Herb Brooks.  They are worth paying attention to.  Patriots can't be beat over the long haul, as long as you practice and know&do what "your" job is.  UCLA Bruins under Wooden studied how to put on socks and tennis shoes carefully, and then do the same practice drills over and over&over again&again, meanwhile Herb Brooks helped some young people turn a dream into a reality ... with
grandmotherly kindness (take no prisoners) - showing individuals how to play~{be~a~team}~together in a rather tough and demanding game.  Coachs teach life skills, ... still/yet @@@~in the coming times, we party, and pray - Shamans ~!~!!~!~~!!~~!!!~~!~~!!~~!~@ home

The Gate to the Deeper Mysteries Lies Here, with HER@everything
              through a glass darkly, but then face to face