Commentary on "The Plan"

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"After a recent visit to your site I felt inspired to write, what I hope you will consider as a sub heading to your essay, "The Plan". You may feel free to include this text or any portions of this text that you might wish to. Marc. Well... onward,

"The Plan
"Consider for a moment this radical proposal, as if to say, " Can we find a way to iron out the bugs on this and use it for our benefit"?
Suppose that from a pure mathematical perspective, that we could render unto our country, a better statistical chance of helping the common family, man, woman and child. Well there is, mathematically, a better way. Increase the statistical sample! That's right, more government! But before you toss this in the circular file, give me moment for my pitch.

"I propose that the house of representatives increase in size to number 10,000 representatives, from neighborhoods and towns and cities all over the country.

"Further I Propose that we have no less than 5,000 Senators!

"We can overcome the logistics of this with modern communications technology, by taking eminent domain of less than 10% of the current Communications bandwidth. With TV Radio Cell Web and instant messaging, we can create an integrated system of debate and rebuttal that can manage a sample of people in a quorum 10,000 at a time. That's right the odds of living in the same neighborhood and having access to your government just went way up!

"A bold challenge, perhaps, but with a tiered system of com-linked tribunals of 8 people, who  select among themselves who is to go up to the next level of a system of tribunals. Senatorial procedures and House debate procedures will allow for reasoned debate in each tribunal and a vote. Many tribunals will be meeting simultaneously and each one selects one person to go to the next level of debate until 12 regional or how ever many regionols we want to make it decide to debate it one at a time one last time and then everybody all the way down the line votes again all 10,000 in the house or 5,000 if it is the senate.

"In this way there can be a percolating of representative feedback from our true constituencies, up from the streets to the top of the board rooms, many social and economic forces in the local communities can be consulted and counted in the larger concerns of the national law making process.

"But more Importantly you will no longer be able to blackmail, intimidate bribe or otherwise corrupt enough Senators or Representatives, to successfully swing a vote on way or the other, though lobby or demegogory.  Decisions can be debated by a vast cross section of our communities. People will have unprecedented access to their system, and with it the responsibility to participate, and hopefully, a real reason to do so !!!

"At the root of this concept, aside from statistical sampling increases, is also the principle of random accession through the tribunals, at every debate of eight, they decide who among them goes on to the next debate carrying the message of their community and to vote and represent that position at the next tribunal. The key to this is that it will mean people you know in your social mileu will occasionally be on the big mainstream media "selling" their position to the public in the larger media debate. All of a sudden it will not be unthinkable that each person in their lifetime will serve in some capacity in the operations a of a fair and open democratic society.

"After a certain number of tribunals have met and voted, critical mass will indicate that there is a potential for passage of one bill or another or several in a day. At that time, a larger national vote is taken by everyone in the whole congress and that vote is final. The bill then goes to the President to sign just like normal.

"Presidential electoral reform shall remain a subject for another essay at this time, Respectfully Marc."

*         *         *