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video blog #1 Welcome to the Second American Revolution
finding out the true story of the People of Peoples
video blog #2 The Second American Revolution: the Citizen as Government
video blog #3 The Second American Revolution: Ralph Nader's Novel
video blog #4 Second American Revolution: The Ground Truth (book by John Farmer)
video blog #5 Why should anyone watch this blog?
video blog #6 Washington D.C. as a moral swampland:
video blog #7 media as the enablers of politicians who are addicted to power:
video blog #8 seeing politicians and media from another psychological direction
video blog #9 the need to see these psychological matters in their context
video blog #10 the major contextual element is the dying of Western Civilization into a new becoming
video blog #11 the movie the Dark Knight as a metaphor for the social present
video blog #12 the Scott Brown election - phenomena of the social below
video blog #13 polls and their significance: part one
video blog #14 polls, push polls and focus groups
video blog #15 the demise of the Republic and what to do about it: part one
video blog #16 understanding the meaning of the "connection" between money and campaign rhetoric and us
video blog #17 pushing back along the "connection"
video blog #18 the process of creating a new constitution: avoid immediatly jumping to the end, taking time, getting to know each other. finding good questions, understanding the past and how we got here
video blog #19 problem of not listening, because too busy thinking of own point of view, what happens if we listen, and not only listen but start to think about how we can help the other guy and not just take care of ourselves first
video blog #20 what we can do in the face of our troubles - loss of homes and loss of jobs
video blog #21 is America in decline, or is something else happening - a crisis of spiritual growth is what is happening
video blog #22 China and American agriculture - good reasons to take our power back by creating a new constitution - the crisis of character growth part two
video blog #23 more on what it means that the politicians work for us and we get to decide what kind of government we have - crisis  of character growth part three
video blog #24 the Corporation: part one: social form, corporation and due dilligence (the valuation of shareholder values over worker values, consumer values and environmental values).
video blog #25 the Corporation: part two: source of structure of form - from outside rules and motives of corporate leaders, beginning emancipation of large international corporations from the Nation State.
video blog #26 the Corporation: part three: further phenomena of emancipation of corporation from Nation States, nature of form (as a social "wave"), nature of corporate culture, problem of lack of empathy, and conscience.
video blog #27 the Corporation: part four: the human qualities that express themselves in the nature and form of corporations, absense of higher human qualities here, relationship of form and substance.
video blog #28 the Corporation: part five: aristocracies of wealth have succeeded aristocracies of blood - democracy an illusion, the culture of the corporation is not even under control by the wealthy, this is then the battlefield and background.