The Saga of the Bonsai Liberation Front ...

This record is meant to show the effective actions of certain extensions of the Plant, into the sphere of influence of a natural born shaman.  There is only one Plant, the Green World - a single spiritual organism/goddess-level Being of incredible complexity and beauty, that daily engages in the transubstantiation of matter on a cosmic scale.

At the growing point of the bud/leaf/flower, and the growing point of the root, matter is conjured into existence from the Void that preceded the Creation.  Only arts magic, and alchemy on a planetary scale, enables the Life Sphere we need to live within - to flourish.

Finding myself unable physically to have enough direct contact with the riches of plant and soil in my yard, I began to plan for activity on the deck, where I could easily sit and commune with the various limbs of the Green World.  Needing to order on-line, and having a genuine affection for the minimalistic arts of the Japanese, I created almost 21 months ago, a “bonsai garden” on my deck.

I bought soil, tools, books, and seedlings.  Twenty-two trees and two bushes.  My own inexperience, and the savagery of a two Paxton Winters, reduced that experiment to three survivors. 

After many hours of contemplation, over the earth-changes activity I was myself introducing into the world (albeit on a very tiny scale, except for buying stuff), I had a vision of bringing the survivors into the house, and in the process to create for them a special environment, in a room that is already special, given that Linda meditates there daily, along with other arcane arts like reading books, playing with her ‘puter, petting the dog, and f’n off. 

We (Linda, the dog, myself, and the trees, had long discussions).  I choose to not wire the trees to be Bent, in the interesting shapes typical of a tree being “bonsai-ed”.  They will grow as they will, according to the limits placed on the root system by being “potted”.  

The bonsai garden then yielded this Spring: three Colorado Pines, three “dead” birch seedlings (on the left of the pot with only one living pine), four “dead” California Pines, and numerous other “objects”,  such as rocks, moss, ferns, pieces of dead tree trunks - take a close look at the pictures.

The pots were picked because they were stone-fired, and unglazed.  Each had a pound of fresh bonsai soil placed in the base of the pot (about an inch deep), and the rest of the soil came with what were the soils that were part of the root systems, of trees both living and dead, as well as other objects, ... all having enjoyed being Wintered for two full seasons. 

Not only that, but we have had many weeks of rains this Spring, and after the re-potting and the original sculpting of the earth and stone ornaments, the Bonsai Liberation Front, having inspired me to aid them in an escape from bondage with copper wires, remained outside for all of May, and  eight days of June, living in the rain, with the rain being employed to etch runnels in the mounds of earth, so that certain indisputable watering problems could be wrestled with.

The winds contributed, with bits of seeds ,and escapades of insects, to go with the seeds I found this Spring, among the debris of the Bonsai Farm, where a squirrel and squirreled them away.  In a similar fashion all manner of found objects have come to join the living monument/altar meant to inspire Plant Liberation needs everywhere.  For example, ... I owned a 1/4 ounce of bud, from my first experiments of learning about “medical” ganja.  I choose not to smoke, yet waste not want not, I did smoke that bit of bud, saved the ash, and then dribbled pinches of this ash on the surfaces you see.  Although, the ashes went on to confront their final journey via several days of rain as well.

The rain taught me to make “moats” along all the edges of the pots, where pot-inside-side meets soil.  These “moats” in some cases can’t be seen, because a rock person has taken up residence for the purpose of a most remarkable gift.  The moats are there, and were pressed to a depth where the original fresh bonsai soil exists.  The water and the earth and the trees made this all plain to careful observation.

I will also water in place, beyond the rain days when the ladies and their fellows will go outside to the table and the deck for, “dancing in the rain”.  A special bonsai nutrition laden spray bottle is in service, and when the watering can is used, the spout is to pour flow gently over the rocks in various places, so that the rock face, slows the fall of the water and distributes it most widely, leaving the soil free to carefully absorb the water without being pushed around by water-weight and gravity.  Levity will be taking care of the members of the Front, which includes some roots leaning into the air, seeking purchase in wonder.