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Tue, 27 Nov 2007

So the American Experiment Ends, not with a Bang but with a Whimper

These are the raw facts. The current administration is the most corrupt and criminal in American History. They have violated all possible trusts between a government and a People. They lie at every turn, and do whatever they damn well please. They have turned policy into a vehicle for enriching all their friends. While they appear to make mistakes, they actually don't really care to get anything right, for their real agenda is to so weaken America, that the American People will be powerless before the coming economic and environmental catastrophes. This administration serves the very very rich, and the very very rich intend to survive these catastrophes, while the rest of us will be left to sink into the pits of despair and hopelessness.

History is prologue some say. Katrina was the Overture for many coming years in which disaster will follow disaster, and the government will be less than useless, for its real agenda will be to serve wealth, not the People.

Everyone knows the Republican Party is lost, morally, intellectually and spiritually. The Democrats are no better, as a recent analysis of their debates has shown (no constitutional or systemic failures are discussed). The essential fabric of our Democratic Constitutional Republic is falling apart and the Democrats can't even effectively oppose a horribly wrong war, much less appreciate what has been destroyed as regards the rule of law.

Most progressives are no better, for such as MoveOn still try to lobby the Legislative Branch, when anyone not entirely asleep realizes that this part of our government is, and has been, completely compromised and made ineffective for decades in the sense of actually serving the public. Corporations rule through their K Street law firms and lobbyists, and the real needs of the People are the last thing on the agenda of the vast majority of politicians, national or local.

The Parties make choices to preserve their own status and powers, and none of these people actually risks anything serious in an effort to save the Republic.

The Press as well (the once called Fourth Estate) is wholly compromised and ineffective, giving us infotainment instead of the hard but necessary reality. They too take no risks.

Where are the true patriots? Where are those who ought to be saying in print and in action just what our Founders did when they signed the Declaration of Independence: "And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor."

We have forgotten what it cost those men. Several actually lost their lives in the Revolutionary War, and the Declaration itself was an act of treason against the English King. What they essentially refused to compromise, and we seem to have forgotten, was their honor. Where is honor today among our Citizens, in particular those who presume to lead and seek such offices as the Presidency?

Everyone (including the candidates for President*) is hiding under the bed whimpering, while the flood tide of corruption and destruction rises to sweep away the most Noble Experiment in Government ever attempted.

*Kucinich and Paul seem to be exceptions, but they are not effective leaders, while Gore (not running) goes to the White House this week and does not have the courage to call President Bush publicly to task to his face in front of the cameras (something Pelosi should have done as soon as she was made Speaker of the House). Its all just politics as usual. It scares me to think what catastrophe will have to befall us before these less than honorable seekers of public office finally give voice to the truth. Sadly, I fear it will then be too late.

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Thu, 22 Nov 2007

Sleight of Hand in Britain

Well, the Lords of Finance and their servant politicians are at it again. Last week (mid-November, 2007), some of you will recall that a leading British government official put in place two major changes to processes by which the English civilian population would be controlled.

First it was announced that anyone leaving England had to go through a check point where they would be required to divulge 53 pieces of information to officials. This information would be put in a permanent data base. Then it was announced that the government was authorizing local police forces to be able to search without a warrant any "suspicious" people boarding or exiting commuter trains and buses or any other kind of public transit. All of these controls adding to British being the most watched (more government video surveillance) populace on the planet.

As the uproar started to escalate, guess what? It then was announced that financial information on 11 million families (on two DVD discs) had been lost. Opps!

What a marvelous way to distract everyone from more and more Big Brother in action. Of course, two days after this diversion was created, it was hinted that maybe just maybe the discs had been merely misplaced and could soon be found (an intensive search was underway).

In order to appreciate this we have to understand what politicians and their masters call the "news cycle". They know that news stories come and go, and that if you have a dangerous story going into the "cycle" the best way to kill it is to create a distraction. So while the smoke and mirrors of modern politics in Britain is just beginning to notice the latest Big Brother social control anti-freedom initiative, then is put in place a really stupid distracting story, and the "news cycle" moves on to the next thing.

We see this also in America, where all kinds of stories drive the Iraq war from everyone's attention. First it was a lot of scary stuff about Iran, and now it is a complete meltdown in a small aspect of the world of finance. In fact it is beginning to look like the Lords of Finance have a whole string of distracting things coming down the line just so they can slip in more and more social control measures without the "news cycle" paying too much attention.

Why are they doing this?

Because the world is really falling in the toilet, and the Lords' plan is fairly simple. They plan to end up on top, while the middle class disappears and most of the Western democracies get thirdworlded (like that new verb?). That's right folks, welcome to the 21st Century and the consciously created culling of the herd. You see, from the Lords point of view, if they can create a big die-back in world population (without killing themselves in the process), then there is plenty of oil and other energy resources, because there are less and less (as time goes on) people wanting (and able) to purchase the consumer goods previously used to make certain people filthy rich.

Anyway, social control mechanisms are crucial to the Lords as they ride the chaos that is coming. They are going to have to jail all kinds of leaders among the poor and near poor as things get tougher. If you have the balls to check out the future, rent a DVD of City of Men. The why of the thirdworlding of Britain in this film is a fiction, but the nature of social life 20 years down the line is not.

Its also why the USA built several "castles" (permanent military bases) in Iraq. As the world goes in the toilet, the new private armies (remember Blackwater?) will have a place to hang out from which they can control the whole region (the plans include creating as much chaos in the region as possible, so that the ones with the best military toys win - that is end up able to control the oil).

Don't even ask me about the plans for a world-wide small pox epidemic - you really don't want to know.

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