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Thu, 31 May 2007

Yes, Al Gore is running

Anyone who watched Al Gore's performance this week on Countdown with Keith Olbermann (on MSNBC), ought to have picked up that he is running hard for President. Most candidates are unnaturally coy in any event (they want to be wooed and wanted), and Gore has every reason (and it also makes it more safe) to act as if he is out of politics. The thing is his every answer on his two days on Countdown was political.

The main clue was when he was several times offered a chance to bash the Democrats in Congress for wimping out on the Iraq funding bill. Every time he ducked, and got wishy-washy, talking about how hard it is to be a congressman, and so forth. The American People said last fall, take risks, be leaders and get something done! Even Al Gore, for all his passion against the Bush II administration, still doesn't want to take on the outrageous weaknesses of his fellow Democrats.

All the same, he is probably our best bet. We just need not to be so worshipful, as in: Yea Al, we like you and we want you to have the chance you should have had, but one thing you've really got to get - you work for us damn it! Not yourself. Not the Democratic Party either, but for us! So get up off your fat butt (its okay, lots of us have fat butts too) and take some risks. Lead your Party. Tell them they are being dorks and wimps. Be OUR voice!


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Why not Clinton or Obama?

When Bill Clinton took over the Center of American Politics, after which in the natural course of things the Republicans took their turn, the True Left of American Politics was without any voice, and this imbalance in the situation led to the excesses on the Right. What this means is that to the extent that leading Democrats want to once again fight over the Center, the needed corrective for balance and harmony in our political life is still absent.

America needs a strong turn to the Left, in order to pull the whole in the necessary direction. This is probably the only national election (the 2008 presidential contest) that can do that correction, because enough people are currently upset with the Right such that tolerance for a Left correction exists for a time.

Obviously this is connected to the War, in the main. What we really need is a Democrat candidate who is strongly in favor of Peace, and a with drawl from foreign entanglements (see Washington's Farewell Address). People are also tired of corporate excesses, so something could be brought forward that questions (lightly) the fake magic of free markets, and other similar excesses out of the world of finance that make of us economic serfs (wage slaves).

The argument that we need a Democrat that can win (using poll data as the criteria) is false. The Country wants LEADERSHIP!!!

True leadership dares, and does not lame itself by worshiping the urgings of pollsters and other so-called campaign experts. Only through this risk taking, will people see that they are being offered the required servant-leadership that can return America to its proper place in the whole of the world's peoples. We don't have to be the greatest world power (a false idol in any event). We just need to be ourselves, Americans - generous of heart and wise in the way that only a young People can be.

We are the first beginnings of a People of Peoples, and the goodness that can come out of that can barely be imagined. Does not the song of our true heart say: " ...and crown thy Good with Brotherhood, from sea to shining sea."


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Sun, 27 May 2007

China's a Military Threat?!?!? Give me a break!!!!!!!

The military-industrial complex needs for the United States to have military enemies. Beginning and end of story. China isn't interested in being a military threat, they are already winning the economic war, in spite of News spin to the contrary. But the really creative (not!) strategic U.S. thinkers (the behind the scenes guys you never know about, who actually believe they are in control of things) have decided to run out the old tried and true worry/story about the bad guys dropping bombs on us line of bullshit. Oh well. Nothing new there. Yawn.

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Wed, 09 May 2007

Attack against Iran coming soon to a theater near you?

Mostly I've stayed away from those who expected Bush to attack Iran before last fall's election, and then again before this or that, but recent news suggests a bit more concern to me.

Item number one is the presence soon in the Gulf region of four carrier groups, three American and one British. That's a lot of firepower - a lot of firepower - all those thousands of cruise missiles said by Olmert to be needed (see below).

Item number two is the about to happen departure of Tony Blair as Prime Minister of Britain. This to me is the biggest clue. It suggests he knows what is coming, and wants to be out of office when it does, since he was already tarred with complicity in the 2003 invasion of Iraq. If he's on the outside, then he can be critical, thus maintaining the status of elder statesman he seems to be cultivating (lots of money there, just ask former President Clinton).

Item three is obvious, in that George Bush gets to go out with a bang, and really be a war president. Unfortunately, because Iran is not the same place as Iraq - not at all, this is going to have even worse unintended consequences than attacking Iraq did.. Not to say I want any of this to happen, its just I don't trust any of these people running things to be or act with any kind of fundamental humanity or sanity.

Let's seriously pray this shameful tragedy is not visited upon the world.

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