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Wed, 24 May 2006

Rove's Latest Move - what a genius of dark political arts

A few days ago, the FBI raided the office of Congressman Jefferson Rayburn, who also just happened to be a Democrat. Supposedly the raid was about looking for evidence of corruption. One has to ask, considering the charges against Delay and company, why hadn't the FBI previously raided the offices of any Republicans, if this was such a good idea?

Clearly the whole point of the exercise, all statements of the principles aside (such as House Speak Hastert, a Republican, or the Republican Attorney General Gonzales), was to undermine the plans of the Democrats, in the up coming November mid-term election, to paint the Republicans with the epithet: "the party of corruption". This is really a very brilliant move.

Not very moral of course, but Washington is the main moral swampland of the Country, and its chief snake in resident Carl Rove has left his hand prints all over this one. Here's the main clues.

A move gets made that tars and feathers a Democrat, in such a way that the Republicans gain a lot of more or less favorable press, but without their hands getting dirty. The House Republicans, principally Speaker Hastert, get to take the high road, in this case speaking out "sternly" about this being a violation of separation of powers for the Executive Branch to raid the offices of a sitting Congressman, a member of the Legislative Branch. Hastert claims, of course, that no one in the Executive Branch informed him of this raid, which is a very weird discourtesy given the fact that just last week Rove was all over the House promising to make sure the Republicans remained in control.

This is the same pattern as the Immigration issue. Surrogates, such as CNN's seemingly moderate Lou Dobbs, and conservative radio hysterics such as Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage, get to trash a whole class of folks, whose main crime is being needed in order for Corporations to make profits, while the big guys, such as Senator McCain and President Bush, get to take the high road and sound like good guys. The left hand trashes folks, the right hand makes nice, and the whole Republican apparatus gets to pretend there is no connection between the two hands whatsoever.

Dark genius indeed. One would almost have to admire it, except for the fact that it is all about seriously lying to the American People in order to continue screwing everyone of us.

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Fri, 12 May 2006

Sentence of the Day from Ann Coulter.

Patriotic Americans don't have to become dangerous psychotics like liberals, but they could at least act like men. (Coulter column May 10th, 2006, on her website).

Boy can she write (but what?). Amazing isn't...so much vitriol in so few words. That there is no reasoning in the sentence, or that it doesn't have any real political meaning is of no significance. Its all about how much sizzle can be put in the least amount of words, and how little steak.

Anyone who buys what she sells deserves what they get. But lets not pretend this is reasoned discourse, and makes any contribution to the real needs of the Republic, except in the most negative and despicable ways.

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Mon, 08 May 2006

Ann Coulter and Hypocrisy.

This is the first of what I hope will be a series of comments on the columns of the writer who authors books with such remarkably illogical titles as: Treason: liberal treachery from the cold war to the war on terror; and, Godless: the church of liberalism. Not sure why these are illogical? I'll get into that in more depth later, but for now dear reader, you just need to appreciate that the terms liberal and conservative are words without real world meaning. The class (or group) the terms refer to doesn't really exists except in the fantasies of our modern political dialogs which seldom connect to a concrete reality.

This fire breathing dragon lady wordsmith, sometimes referred to as a leading conservative intellectual, Ann Coulter recently wrote about a college professor she didn't like (perhaps with good reason, but that's a whole other story):

And thus, Churchill joined the ranks of Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Faulkner and other great writers who use the phrase, "Gimme a break." Perhaps he expresses himself better in "graphic arts."

American taxpayers subsidize the most cretinous, idiotic, hate-filled lunatics in the universe ? and liberals ...

Ms Coulter is here pointing her no doubt well manicured finger at the professor for using the words "Gimme a break.", and sarcastically suggesting such language can't begin to reach toward the likes of such as Shakespeare and other masters of the English language. She follows this up in the next paragraph with her own version of a well turned phrase meant to describe liberal university professors apparently: "...the most cretinous, idiotic, hate-filled lunatics in the universe...".

Actually I think the Bard might have loved this, not because of the wisdom it contained, but rather because it is an excellent example of the common political street language of our time as applied by those who are not interested in intelligent or wise political discourse. Instead their main reason for being is to make crude noises on the way to the bank. Such writers as Ms Coulter aren't really intent on advancing our political life, as much as a kind of exhibitionism meant to sell books and lectures and make one famous.

And then she wonders why the politics of the Left sometimes seems so crass.

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