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Sun, 20 Feb 2005

Did you not know that the ends don't justify the means?

Do you not understand the reason this is so, is because the consequences of the means are often more reprehensible than the consequences the ends were an effort to avoid?

Do you not remember that the death of 3000 in 9/11 brought us great sympathy world wide, and that this moral capital, which might have helped us lead a real war on terror, was squandered not against an actual terrorist group, or Nation well known for sponsoring terror, but against a place the neo-cons had years before picked as the place for American Empire building and regional domination?

Did you not know that the process by which the elections in Iraq came about meant the death of 100,000 Iraqis, and the maiming of thousands and thousands more?

Do you not know that the folks voted into office there want to install a religious government, not a democracy, and that the people who were elected are expected to want the U.S. completely out of Iraq, including the four permanent bases we have been building there, about which the press says nothing? Do you think our empire building neo-cons are going to let this "elected" government have real power?

Do you not know that the war in Iraq and Afghanistan were "authorized" by an extra-constitutional process, which has yet to be tested in Court?

Do you not know that the Constitution requires the Legislative Branch to declare war, precisely because the Founders did not want the Executive Branch to have such power, and that the War Powers Act, which let the Republican controlled congress, and the idiot Democrats, fearful of being called unpatriotic, try to transfer that judgmental responsibility to the Executive Branch, is completely in violation of one of the most fundamental aspects of the Separation of Powers?

Do you not understand that when a Nation and a People are called to War, it should be an unquestionable necessity, such that on the Day of Declaration of War thousands would volunteer to join in the fight?

Do you not remember that we had to be sold this War like so much over-ripe cheese the grocer needed to get ride of?

Do you not remember that every time the Administration's reasons for War became falsified, they invented a new one?

Do you not know that the news networks don't tell us what is really going on and that the Administration has lied over and over again about the real reasons for the War?

Do you not remember how bitter was this last election, and how divided the American People are?

All this lying, all this abuse of the Constitution, all the violations of the Bill of Rights, all the killing of Iraqis and Americans and Afghanistanies - all the horrible means which brought us to this election and situation have - these means have themselves consequences far beyond the illusory and fantastic claim that we have installed democracy in a Nation on the verge of Civil War, with no end in sight of its devastation, and every indication it will try to right itself by becoming another religious dominated Islamic Nation.

We have paid, and will pay, a terrible price for something which might well have come in other more healthy and less destructive ways, for the benefit of the Iraqi People and for our own healthy sense of meaning and unity.

The war was the vanity folly of the few, who have visited on the many the most terrible consequences, which no one would have agreed to in advance, if given the opportunity. History will view this administration as one of the most incompetent and destructive ever, in spite of all the bull being spread in the meantime.

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Sun, 13 Feb 2005

Fall from Grace

After 9/11, the Administration of George W. Bush made certain policy decisions that it was already predisposed to do. Its thinking dominated by the empire building arrogance of the neo-cons, the Administration made war on Afghanistan, and then Iraq. Seeking to dominate the oil producing near-East, with the establishment of a permanent military presence in Iraq, the Administration threw away the international moral capital of 9/11, and spend the domestic moral capital on a vanity war that more and more duplicates (as many warned it would) all the errors of judgment that led us into the morass of Vietnam.

Then, emboldened by its ability to steal an national election (2004), this Administration has claimed a false mandate for its policies and now seeks to dismantle the New Deal and the era of Civil Rights, creating a near-bankrupt government treasury, and a more and more fascist and secretive power hungry State organization. The Amerika of the nightmares of the 1960's and '70's is being born.

What is even worse, is that in pursuing these policies, the apparatus of the State has been used to unleash a fundamentalist cultural assault on the soul and spirit of the American People. Like fundamentalist impulses everywhere, this one too assumes to know what is right for people to think and believe, and with the power of the State behind it, has begun to fashion a cultural life in which freedom of expression, outside the approved ways, will be punished.

In a spasm of arrogant ignorance, the forces of darkness in human beings is being let loose in a torrent of anti-human, anti-freedom and anti-wisdom driven impulses on not only the American People, but the whole world. What in this blog has before been referred to as the End of Western Civilization now reaches towards its vicious and violent Climax.

Let us be grateful!

Western Civilization must die. It has lost any connection to the reality of modern human beings, with their justified and divinely authored seeking after personal moral autonomy and the right to think and speak as they wish. This powerful impulse, living more and more everywhere in individual human hearts, must necessarily find its opponent in that which refuses to let go its old and now terrible powers. The structures of the State, of Corporate control and Religious authority have ceased to be relevant, and, in the manner that has always happened in History, will only let go after the most spectacular resistance to change they can offer.

The no longer useful Past intends to die in a Fire which it hopes will burn us all.

What grandiose stupidity! The thinking which refuses to die always - always - has rooted itself in an anti-historical world view, one which pretends that nothing like this has happened before, and that in spite of all resistance to change, the Future can be prevented from coming; when in terms of historical fact, the Future has always come. The Phoenix always rises from the Ashes.

Yes, it is painful to be alive in that Time when such Rites of Passage as this current change spring forth from the depths of History. We hurt as we watch so much needless suffering, and for Americans it is especially difficult to observe that one of the more ugly agents of this descent from Grace has seized control of our own government. It is especially hard to accept that we too must bear some responsibility for having been so asleep in the last decades. Yet, this we must accept, or lie to ourselves.

Is there is response? Is there something to do that can lead us beyond this morass, and into participation, not in the Fall, but in the Rebirth?

Everyone will have their ideas, and should follow them as fully as possible. Here on this blog has been offered one form of work, which many can share. To read about it in more depth, go here: Prelude to a Second American Constitution: Strategies and Tactics in the War the Rich make upon the Poor.

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Thu, 03 Feb 2005

Intoxicated Visions

The cliche is that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Is there any real wisdom behind these words?

Everyone understands the usual intoxicants, such as alcohol and drugs. We even recognize all manner of other kinds of "addictions", such as to sex, the internet and so forth. For many of these there have arisen Twelve Step groups, whose purpose is to aide the individual in overcoming the addiction, and the unwanted behaviors. Here as well it is clearly recognized that the addictive personality's behaviors not only injure themselves, but many others.

What about the addiction to power?

Modern political life in America is now ripe with an abundance of examples of the intoxication that results from the addiction to power. From the highest levels, including the Presidency, down to the lowest, such as the Attorney General of Ohio, the intoxication resulting from the addiction to power is altering the judgment of our public servants. Like all addicts, they think their behavior is rational and moral, and will violently deny any suggestion otherwise. But the sad, nay the tragic, truth is that the intoxication of power corrupts judgment and morality to the worst degree possible, with horrible consequences for all those subject to the abuse of such power that results.

Is there an up side?

History teaches that ordinary People only rise to face reality when the pain has become extreme. History also teaches that social extremes bring about their own destruction. The intoxication of the addiction to power leads in only one direction.: Tragic waking up for the People, and the demise and fall of the perpetrators. I don't know if this is an up side, but it is the way the world works.

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A Small Dose of Reality - the Betrayal of the Republic

Well, we now have Bush for the next few years. What does this mean?

It means, essentially, that the Governance of America has been usurped, and an illegitimate power has installed itself. This theft of power is something we are so unused to (we see it elsewhere all the time), that everywhere people are in denial. Our minds try to insist - it could not happen here.

The Press ignores the reality of the meaning of the difference between the reported results of the election and the exit polls. The proof is there for those who do not want to sleep. It has not helped that the Democrats, especially Kerry, did not stand up for the American voter.

Kerry won the election, and the powerful were allowed to steal it at the electronic ballot box. The Republic has been betrayed, and the only question is how long will it take for the People, and/or for the judgment of history to acknowledge this.

The Democrats should have refused to participate in Washington. Think of what it would mean, if they would have walked away from the halls of Congress, and proclaimed the Presidency to be in the hands of traitors to the Republic. But this kind of standing upright for the truth, and in support of the real will of the American voter, is not in the character of politicians. They are not about what is right, and haven't been about what is right for a long time now. They are truly only concerned with the commerce of power, their own privileges, and the wishes of their masters - the elite lords of finance.

What can be done you ask?

We can write a new constitution. Go here for details: Prelude to a Second American Constitution: strategy and tactics in the War the Rich make upon the Poor.

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