Earthly Souls ---A Call From Spirit Realms

-----For those who have ears to hear-----

Earthly souls are you remembering

How you long ago answered a call ?

A call from Archangel Michael -

To stand by His side, firm and strong,

To oppose the army of incarnate Ahriman.

In the heavens you answered this call

With knowledge that when the time was to be given

You would be called to affirm your task.

Thus, with your acceptance and your will to assist,

Albeit this journey a premature return to earth,

And one not of your true karmic stream.

Angels then guided you from the heavens.

Is your soul now remembering

How whilst you are on earth now,

Feeling so lost and alone

A place where you sense no belonging.

Your beloved companions -

Those who truly see you,

Those who truly know you

Are at work in the heavens still.

We, of the spiritual spheres

We, who have answered this call

Are now longing and waiting for you to respond

For we need your assistance and we will to give aid

To those of you who stand by Michael,s side

As the time is now given, as this is your task

For which you chose to return

And we decided to stay.

Earthly life until now has given strong foundation

Alas there is no longer time to gather your strengths

What you have within is as it is

Ready or no we call on you NOW,

For this is the moment of our need.

Free will is yours still to decide

As the original choice is yours to affirm or forsake

If you choose now in earthly consciousness to recommit,

As we call our companions together, our message for you is thus:

As you move on the earth

And we amongst you, dear friends

As your soul is remembering

From whence you have come,

And for why you are here

Do have patience and care

For those amongst whom you may live.

Those who must honour their own lives

As is true for them in this incarnation on earth.

Remember, you have come before due time,

And as such may never

In a normal stream of your lives

Have touched upon those on earth

Now, with whom you reside.

So those in your acquaintance will be curious,

Aware and afraid

As they attempt to comprehend,

To understand and to know.

For you are a stranger, to them even a threat,

And you are not of this life.

Alas as you are on the earth

You must the laws obey,

Be awake and have love,

Be kind and live in Christ.

As your soul is remembering

That you have answered a call

We need you dear friends on earth

To bear witness for us.

So Christ can transform

The effects of evil deeds,

The spectres, the phantoms, the demons.

Be aware of deceptions

Of untruths and valueless words.

For truly the word creates.

So seek to find the being

Born of Sophistry,

For He moves amongst those

Who gather to find guidance

In love for Anthroposophia

This being, born of Sophistry-

His challenge is to bring

His followers to the Anti-Christ.

For as Anthroposophia leads

Those who listen to her guidance

Unto the Christ,

So does He amongst you move,

Bringing harm to our friends

On earth and in the spirit.

For conscious or no, His followers,

Sophists for certain,

Stand to oppose the Christ

The work we do together

And that which you do

In Christ’s name

Is recognized and treasured.

For we truly know how you suffer,

Alone and misunderstood,

Unheard and unseen.

For we do hear your prayer,

And feel your efforts.

Have therefore no doubts

Of our regard and commitment,

Our love and understanding

If your soul is remembering,

Then in truth you will know,

Not I, but the Christ in me”,

As you live full in faith,

Love and hope,

If your soul truly remembers,

And you have no need to pretend,

You will know in your heart,

Christ’s words on the cross.

As you together with us

Strive toward fulfillment

Of our task in true Anthroposophy

And if but one of you will

Come to the Father”,

The forces of Ahriman will

Be weakened in huge number.

For this is our task.

The need to belong,

To partake of the earth,

Is strong and attack with

Rejection is painful indeed.

Always remember the forces

Of evil will need to reject

If in Christ’s name to

The Father you strive.

In thine I, does your soul remember?

In the heart of thy being

There lives the Word

The Spirit Word

And the Word was with God

And a God was the Word

In the beginning was the Word “

And so it is!

Interpretation of communion with Anthroposophical friends in the spiritual spheres

With good intent and hopes for correct interpretation

Carla Russel