We live in an era when an old politics is dying, and losing its ability
to serve.  The new politics is emerging, but it is unsure of itself and
naturally disorganized.

The old politics dominates, and the new politics refuses anymore to
accept this.  The old politics has lots of order and cohesion, the new
politics is full of chaos and a thousand yearning hearts.

The new politics refuses any longer to Consent, and wants leadership,
but not to be led.  It is a curious and paradoxical situation, and the
best name I have run into for the new politics is Citizen Governance.

The new politics wants real public servants and statesmen.  It doesn't
want the politician to tell the Citizen what to think.  It wants the
politician to come, hat in hand, and ask to be given the opportunity to

Any meeting between a candidate and the new politics needs to be run and
organized by the Citizen's, not by the candidate or the candidate's
supporters or operatives.  The new politics is bottom up, not top down.

For example, Kucinich is being drafted by the new politics.  He is to work for us,
and to listen to us, and to speak for us.  He is to help us organize -                                                                  
but he serves, and we govern.  Its our ideas and needs, not his.  Except he
isn't paying atttention right now.

Granted it is crucial that he feel what we feel, otherwise no
relationship can arise, but the fundamental aspect needs to remain - the
People are in charge.  Dennis, are you listening?
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